Silicon Misiones – Digital Twin

Silicon Misiones asked us to create a Digital Twin to showcase the first constructed building. Other buildings that make up the Campus project will be developed shortly.

We are developing a real-time immersive 3D application using Unreal Engine 5 to visualize the project and denote the impact the project will have on the local and national economy.

The app will allow prospective tenants, investors and communities to experience the campus without leaving their computers.



Silicon Missions was born at the intersection of technology and innovation. So it’s only natural that they are among the first to embrace new storytelling techniques and innovate with new visualization experiences.

Our solution leverages the latest game engine technology (Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5) to recreate the Campus in full detail and allow visitors to explore on their own through a series of elements that illustrate the desired narrative.

Silicon Misiones wants to explore the use of this technology to promote the district as an innovation hub and streamline the process of inserting companies and individuals into the technology ecosystem.

The success of the Campus in our province has aroused great interest at a national level. One of the reasons why Silicon Misiones wanted to experiment with “digital twins” was the unique capacity of our platform to generate immersive virtual tours “inside” the building and, therefore, to be able to make remote visits from anywhere in the world.

Our App’s ability to create a truly immersive environment allows all aspects of a project to be presented to potential companies, investors and communities in real time. This, in turn, accelerates decision-making processes by providing a level of detail beyond what traditional communication tools can offer.



Possibility to navigate the project (built or not) in different modes (first person, third person, fly, orbit).

The addition of animated components, such as people, vehicles, trees, and artificial and natural lighting, brings the twin to life. With the added effects of daylight and seasonal changes, the simulation offers a deeply immersive experience.

Time of day and weather

Time of day and dynamic weather conditions.


View a photo gallery or renderings of the project.


Presentation of companies that are currently part of the ecosystem, with links and contacts to their sites.


Other customizable interactions.


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