Hello! We are Visual Pieces

Visual Pieces is an architectural visualization studio founded in Buenos Aires in 2005.

We are a team of architects specialized in the production of a wide range of products with photo-realistic quality, from still images to real-time VR.

We provide services for the conceptualization; communication and marketing of real estate; architectural; engineering and urban development projects.

Thanks to our experience; creativity; and the use of state-of-the-art technology, we have achieved excellent results in short time and our prices are competitive.

Our Services

3D Images

The first step is the creation of 3d models, then we apply textures and lighting, achieving images of photorealistic quality. These rendered images are used to present architectural ideas to clients or to showcase developments to potential buyers to generate interest and sales. They help to facilitate communication and understanding and are used in every stage of the development process, from architectural design to marketing.

360° Virtual Tours

360° panoramas create a particularly powerful experience, as they put total control in the user's hands and allow them not to just see the space, but to 'feel' it as if they were there in person. In addition to the 360° panoramas (CGI or Photographs), it is possible to add project information, geographical location, architectural plans and 3D images, thus generating a 360° Tour in which the user can explore how the project will be. These tours can be viewed and distributed online (website link, WhatsApp) or offline (executable file).

3D Animations

The aggregate of the movement, elevates the communication to the next level.

Through architectural walkthroughs or flythroughs you can appreciate the relationship of the project with the surroundings, shadows, and daytime.

Binding emotions and architecture with the power of movement and sound.

Real-time VR

Using gaming engine technologies, we are able to create entire Real-Time environments in which the user can ‘inmerse’ and explore without restraint. With the use of a controller and the option of wearing a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, the user can interact with the environment by changing daytime, features such as lighting, furniture colours, floor textures and more. This immersive experience provides a true sense of scale like never before, ensuring that spaces are fully understood before build.